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Onsite training
We can bring the workshops and all of our state-of-the-art training systems directly to your facility

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FPTI™ is best known for its on-site workshops -
For more than two decades FPTI™ has been conducting workshops in mines and plants throughout the USA and Canada. Literally thousands of engineers, maintenance technicians, electronics technicians, and assembly line workers in plants throughout the USA and Canada work more safely and productively because they attended an FPTI™ workshop conducted by legendary hydraulics teacher Rory S. McLaren.

SAFETY - The best investment your company will ever make -
If for no other reason you invest in an FPTI™ on-site hydraulic workshop, do it for safety. There is no hydraulics instructor that is more qualified to teach your personnel about hydraulic safety than Rory McLaren.

Hands-on Learning -
FPTI™’s brilliant training systems are designed to make hydraulics easy to learn and understand. Why should teaching in your plant be any different to teaching in a classroom? We transport to every on-site workshop we do, our brilliant training systems. In reality, we bring the hydraulic systems you have in your plant, into the classroom for an unforgettable learning experience.

Cost Reduction -
FPTI™’s five-day, hands-on troubleshooting workshop is so remarkable that we guarantee your company will reduce its hydraulic component replacement costs by at least 75% or the workshop is free (*some limitations apply).

* Technicians must attend both Practical Hydraulics and Troubleshooting Hydraulics workshops, and company must invest in recommended diagnostic instruments.

Increased Productivity -
Manufacturing, construction, forestry, military, aviation ground support, mining, and the oil-field industry lose hundreds of millions of dollars annually because maintenance people are not trained to troubleshoot hydraulic systems. An FPTI™ troubleshooting workshop will put a complete stop to that. We will teach your technicians how to test 95% of the hydraulic components in your systems with the power unit safely locked out. Each test averages 15-minutes, and there is no need to remove, or disassemble the component. This is the most effective hydraulic troubleshooting course in the world – bar none!

Tailor Made to Solve Your Problems -
We will teach your technicians how to read your schematics, and how to perform proactive maintenance and troubleshooting on your hydraulic systems.

Download Practical Course Outline

Download Troubleshooting Course Outline

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