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Cylinder (double-acting, single-rod)

D08 directional control valve

Mobile directional control valve

Mobile directional control valve with load sense

Orbitrol steering valve

Pilot-operated pressure relief valve

Gear pump

Axial piston, variable volume, pressure-comp . . .

Over-center, variable displacement pump

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Cutaway Model DAC-CM Cutaway Model DCV-08-CM Cutaway Model MDCV-CM
Cutaway Model MDCV-LS-CM Cutaway Model OSV-CM Cutaway Model PORV-CM
Cutaway Model GP-CM Cutaway Model PCP-CM Cutaway Model VDP-CM

“What I touch I understand”

Do your students spend hours tearing down components to see how they work?  Once the components are torn down is it possible for them to figure out exactly how they work as complete assemblies? Also, when components are in pieces do the students lose sense of how close tolerances really are so they can appreciate how important good filtration is?

Narration, graphics, animations, tearing components down are good, but when it comes to really understanding how they work, there is nothing that will help a student get the job done with more clarity and speed than a fully-functional cutaway model of an actual hydraulic component. It’s the most powerful teaching aid in any classroom and it’s intuitive - many students will study a cutaway model and know how it works before the lecture even begins.

Anyone can take a hydraulic component and cut it away. However, critical cavities and details are oftentimes removed. FPTI™ studies every component to make sure critical details remain intact, both visual and operational. Each FPTI™ cutaway model is a handcrafted work of art that will make your classroom look professional and, more importantly, insure that every effort is made to help students fully understand how components work. FPTI™ offers a wide variety of cutaway models with exclusive features:

  • Lightweight – heavy components are difficult for students to handle and limit visual access. They are also hazardous because if they slip out of a student’s hands they can cause injury. Heavy components can also damage fragile surfaces.
  • Pedestal-mounted – almost every cutaway model is mounted on an attractive, lightweight metal pedestal equipped with four nylon footpads.
  • Plated – Every component is plated to prevent rust and corrosion. The stands are finished with a durable powder coat paint process.
  • Amazing detail – Bodies and sub-assemblies are cutaway to expose every working part and oil cavity. Many of the parts are fabricated out of plastic to improve clarity.
  • Fully functional – Every component is fully functional. Components with rotating shafts are equipped with large metal knobs to make them easy to rotate.
  • Custom products – don’t see what you are looking for? Let us make a custom cutaway for you. Please call to discuss.
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