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How many times do we hear from teachers (for example), “No matter how hard I try, I just cannot get all my students to understand how a counterbalance valve works.”

The answer is simple - you’re not using our training system!

FPTI™ Training Materials were Conceived in a Classroom -

When FPTI™’s Founder, Director, and legendary teacher, Rory McLaren found that a student couldn’t get the point of a particular topic, he didn’t give up, he made a sketch. If it helped the student get the point it became a graphic. and if necessary, an animation - and the process never ended. One-by-one the graphics grew until they gave each topic brilliant clarity.

The answer is simple - you’re not using our training system!

What you will find in every online course the FPTI™ and the Fluid Power Academy™ produces:

  • Exceptional clarity – graphics that leave absolutely nothing to the imagination.
  • Accelerated learning – easy to follow, step-by-step graphics means teachers can teach students more in less time.
  • Fascinating – students learn much more when they are fascinated with the subject matter.
  • Intuitive – in many cases the graphics speak for themselves.
  • Totally harmonized – Graphics, animations, textbooks, training systems: all so brilliantly harmonized that the only thing teachers have to focus on is teaching.
  • No embedded marketing – there is good reason why most component and/or equipment manufacturer’s training departments fall under the same umbrella as their marketing departments: because training for them is a marketing function.

The Lethal Strike DVD
Disponible en espanol
How to Interpret Fluid Power Symbols Interactive CD

Additional Titles to be
released shortly . . .

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