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               Introduction to Closed-Loop Oil Systems

               How To Work Safely with Hydraulics

               Troubleshooting Hydraulic Systems Using Leakage Path Analysis                Methods

               How To Interpret Fluid Power Symbols

               A Practical Guide to Filtration for Hydraulic Systems

               How To Layout & Draw Fluid Power Schematics





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“If an author makes a grammatical error it can’t hurt -
if it’s a procedural error it can hurt really badly.”
- Rory S. McLaren - Author

Seamless integration -
Seamless integration is the best way to describe how FPTI™’s textbooks and hydraulic training systems work together. They are so brilliantly harmonized that they make the task of teaching and learning hydraulics invigorating and simple.

Highest safety standard in the world -
FPTI™ has the highest standard for fluid power safety in the world and that’s why we pride ourselves in writing and producing our own textbooks and manuals. Cover–to-cover, every book we write is deep-rooted in hydraulic safety. The information is simple and straightforward, and the graphics are stunning. 

The bookstore is open to all -
You don’t have to own a FPTI™ hydraulic training system to have access to some of the best textbooks ever written for teaching and learning hydraulics. Schools and colleges may qualify for attractive discounts. Please complete the contact form if you are interested in learning more about our college partnership program. We welcome enquiries for translation into other languages.

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