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Model MF102 Mobility Upgrades

Many of FPTI™’s clients transport their simulators to satellite training sites. Preparing an MF102 for transportation takes time and if the preparations are not done properly there is a chance that the simulator could get damaged. Also, being the most advanced trainer of its type in the world, there are extra valves, and diagnostic instruments that have to be packaged separately.
For the MF102-H-TSE models it was also necessary to remove the huge touchscreens and package them safely to prevent them from being damaged.

We have developed several upgrades to make it convenient for our clients to transport their MF102 training systems (Photo 6)
(click on photos to enlarge):

  • The casters are extra-heavy duty with four-wheel steer so they can fit in elevators (Photo 1).
  • The swing-out power unit has a latch that automatically locks it into position below the tray (Photo 2).
  • The swing-out hose caddy which securely stores the hoses is also equipped with an auto-locking mechanism that keeps it firmly in place under the tray (Photo 3).
  • The extra valves and diagnostic instruments are now stored in an integrated tray that is mounted below the simulator (Photo 4).
  • The new extra-heavy duty touch-screen holder makes it possible to rotate the touch-screen into the front of the simulator and locks it into position within the confines of the simulator when transporting (Photo 6).
FPTI™ – building the most innovative products in the world for teaching, learning hydraulics, and now with the added benefit of mobility without hassle.



Heavy-duty caster

Photo 1 -

Pump/motor lock

Photo 2 -

hose tray

Photo 3 -

Accessory tray

Photo 4 -

Touchscreen bracket

Photo 5 -

MF102 mobility features

Photo 6 -


HydraCheck Safe-T-Bleed