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(Model MF102D-H-TSE shown)

“Knowledge alone does not make a brilliant teacher. The ability to convey that knowledge to students in a manner they completely understand makes a brilliant teacher. We build products that convey knowledge brilliantly.”

I am regarded as a brilliant hydraulics teacher because of my ability to convey my knowledge to my students. The fact is, it’s more my training system that helps my students truly understand fluid power than it is my ability to explain it.

Two decades ago a teacher from a technical college in northern California asked me if I would replicate my training system so he too could teach brilliantly: and, the rest is history! Who better to purchase a hydraulic training system from than a teacher?

I have dedicated my career to designing and building the world’s finest fluid power training systems. Need to chat with me directly about my training systems? Call me on my cell at 801-243-9430 or email me –
Rory S. McLaren –
Founder, Director, chief designer, and proud teacher
Fluid Power Training Institute™

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