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How To Layout & Draw Fluid Power Schematics
(ISBN #: 978-0-9639619-4-5)


The objective of this manual is to bring a sense of uniformity to the layout and drawing of fluid power schematics. Accurate and well-conceived schematics increase safety, productivity, and reduce operating costs.

Learning to standardize fluid power schematics offers a number of unique advantages:

  1. The schematic would be easier to read because primary components would always be in the same location.
  2. It would be a replica of the system it represents.
  3. It would show if components are integrated or separated.
  4. All component ports would be properly labeled.
  5. All vital operating specifications would be displayed.
  6. All service and inspection hubs would be shown.
  7. Directional control valve positions would be standardized.
  8. Stacked valve would represent accurate location of valves.
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